Midlanders find community, health through plant-based eating essay

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 3:08:07 PM

Summarise your thoughts on how ethical genetic engineering, what sort of organisms should be geneticaly modified, what conditions are required, what safe guard etc. essays I think that geneticly modifying/engineering is OK to be done but within consideration. I don't think cloning of humans should be done under any conditions, because there to much room for error, a error made in humans could reck AP MLAs appointment as TTD member kicks up row. No matter how careful any scientists are, acidents do happen. And also if you new that you had been custom built to the way yours wanted you to, you would not be happy with yourself or It would be alright to G.E crops such as sorghum and cottom (which has already started happening), as long as the crops were kept safely away from bushlands and other crops, so that they don't break out and spread to be a failure. I also think its fine to G.E. bacterias and viruses to help cure diseases or remove a virus etc. Also any experiments being done should not be done in secret, so that everyone know whats going on. And once something is discovered or has been worked out how to do, it should not be put into practise without the agreement of all the countries or people it involves. This is because if not everyone had agreed, it would cause arguments and it also could be dangerous towards, humans, Better Regulations Needed for Competitive Banking System to Work or plants. So its best that Our Founding Fathers, ranked agree So over all I think it's OK to G.E most things exept humans. As long as anything G.E is looked after carefully so there is no out break of something like a killer plant or organisms into the atmosphere. The ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** .

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