When students didnt turn in work, they got zeroes. Then their teacher was fired

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 1:19:23 AM

Creative writing exercise essays 1. How does one commit a successful murder? To commit a successful murder you first must have a motive. Then after you have established a motive you must create a plan of attack. You need to come up with a way in which you are going to go about committing this crime. To completely commit a successful murder you must kill in such a way that there is no evidence pointing to any suspects. · What motivates murder? Murder is usually a crime of passion. The person who he or she kills usually knows the killer. Love, greed, and hatred seem to motivate many murders in out society today. Some kill for money, 2018), and some just kill for fun. · What is the motivation for your murdering someone? The motivation for me murdering someone is business. They are either in the way or interfering with business and it is necessary for them to be taken care of. · How will you plot your successful murder? My successful murder will take place in front of a large crowd, such as a circus, a dance, of a restaurant. A sniper of some sort will murder the man. · What particular alibi will you use? I will use the alibi that I was out 2018) the country at the time. I will not return till a few months after the murder. · Will Off the Record (Sep. 5 have any internal conflicts upon committing the murder, whether the murder is successful or unsuccessful? Yes, I would be quite angry if the murder was unsuccessful. It Why I Write about Race and IQ make me look bad and I would not be happy that business was not taken care of. · Is there such thing as a successful or "perfect" murder? Yes there is such a thing as a perfect murder. The perfect murder would leave no suspects, not even a wrong one. It would leave the police baffled and unable to come up with any leads in any direction, be it the wrong one or not. .

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