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Industrialization: inventions and philosophies essays Industrialization was a major part of American history. It was very effective starting after the Reconstruction and still is today. Many factors helped industrializations become as effective as it was back then. The abundance of inventions and new philosophies are two of these factors. One of the major reasons industrialization was so effective and ineffective at the same time was the abundance of inventions and the effect they had on society. Inventions meant less work and more supply. However, even though that sounds great, it was very detrimental to the Does the Sun Rotate Like the Earth? and demand of the country. Some of the new inventions were products that a consumer only had to buy once in a while, like the refrigerator. They were made so well, that people only had to buy one every twenty or thirty years. This means there was more supply than demand. This was a common trend during this time of industrialization. Many inventions increased the supply and not the demand with it. A good example of this was the assembly line (1 pp. 230-234) The assembly line created more jobs, mostly in the factories. Men, however, expected very high wages; more than the owners could afford for so many workers. So, women and children were asked to work. They were paid very low wages, and these factories flourished. Most of the women and children were immigrants from various countries and got the jobs because a political boss, like Roscoe Conkling for example, helped them. Political bosses would help immigrants get jobs in exchange for loyalty (2 pp. 741-742). The women and children were happy to get any job to help their family, but the conditions were awful. The Triangle Shirtwaist factory is an example. The hours were incredible; the employees worked ten, twelve, even fourteen hours a day and were paid less than a dollar an hour. The doors and windows were bolted shut so the workers would not leave early or sit outside and smoke Boutique law firm seeking artisan of prose invites essays that make case for Pulitzer Prize losers they were supposed t.

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