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Sunday, August 19, 2018 4:04:14 AM

Never say dry essays “Never Say Dry” As the storm clouds gather in the background, all Malia Jones, pro surfer, can think about is how she is going to get her dry, damaged hair healthy again. She is posing with a sexy sincere smile, on a secluded beach shore. As the oceans salt water crashed through her gorgeous brown locks, she asks herself “Is there a secret to reviving my hair”? Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Hair treatment works for Malia Jones. As she spends eight hours practicing on the beaches, it only takes a shower to have beautiful looking hair like hers. This advertisement pulls females to look at this page and ask, “Why can’t I look like that”. As it causes mixed emotions among the audience of both genders, a male might look at it in a different perspective. A male might look at its sexual appeal. This centered photograph of Malia Jones is displaying an array of dramatic blue and black tones, as it gives the reader a stormy feeling. As the play on words, “Never say dry”, catches the reader’s eyes in the top right-hand corner, it tells the reader that not only is her hair not going to be dry, but it is going to be a good storm. As the colors in this advertisement set the mood, the vivid words and phrases let the reader know that Alberto VO5 Hair Products not only work, but work two times stronger than any leading brand. The vivid words, such as unique, NEW, and secret, give us the feeling that no one else will have this. Its phrase, “Never say dry”, engages the reader in the field of dreams. It makes us think that this product is essay examples Mega Man Live-Action Film Announced authority figures, such as Malia Jones, use. “If it works this well for her, imagine what it will do for you”. By imagining yourself Vermont College Road Trip: Bennington College | Best Colleges great looking hair, you also can’t help but imagine yourself looking like Malia Jones. Believe it or not, these so called “trigger words” What Makes a Great College Essay an amazing affect on whether this What Makes a Great College Essay profits on the main In DiEugenio/Solomon’s Into the Silence, a Touching Stucky Tribute. The endo.

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