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Standardized Testing Requirements and Policies Yale evaluates each applicant as an individual. Standardized You can now add color to your Facebook posts scores are just one of the many factors Yale considers when reviewing applications. Required Testing and Policies. Yale requires applicants to report results from either the ACT or the SAT. Standardized tests are just one component of a student’s application and are viewed within the context of the student’s entire file. There is no minimum score required for admission, nor is there a score that will guarantee admission. The middle 50% of test scores (the 25th to the 75th percentiles) for enrolled first-years are as follows: SAT-Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 720-770 SAT-Math: 730-790 ACT Composite: 33-35. Policies related to required testing: The Yale Admissions Committee does not prefer one test over the other, and students who submit both the SAT and ACT are not at an advantage. The SAT Essay and ACT Writing sections are optional, but applicants who opt to complete the Essay or Writing section should self-report their Essay or Writing subscore on the application (see below). Official score reports from the ACT or SAT will include the Essay or Writing subscore when applicable. Reporting: First-year applicants attending secondary school in the United States will satisfy Yale's standardized testing requirement by self-reporting ACT and/or SAT scores in the application. Applicants who are offered admission and choose to matriculate at Yale will be required to provide official results prior to enrolling. First-year applicants attending international secondary schools must submit official results from the testing agency for evaluation by the Admissions Committee. Multiple Tests & Test Dates: Applicants who have taken the SAT or ACT exam multiple times should report all scores from whichever test they choose to report. Applicants who choose to report scores from both the SAT and ACT should report all scores received on both tests. If You can now add color to your Facebook posts in the testing section of the application is insufficient, applicants may use the "additional information" section to self-report additional test scores. Superscoring: When assessing SAT results, admissions officers will focus on the highest individual section scores from all test dates. For example, if an applicant took the SAT twice, the highest Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math scores will be considered individually. When assessing ACT results, admissions officers focus on the highest ACT Composite from all test dates while also considering individual ACT subscores. Applicants are not required to report results from exams completed prior to high school. A redesigned SAT was given for the first time in March 2016. First-year applicants for the class entering in fall 2019 or later may not use scores from SATs administered prior to March 2016 to meet Yale's standardized testing requirement. For more information about Yale's policy on standardized testing, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions - Standardized Testing page. Recommended Testing. SAT Subject Tests are recommended but not required. Scores from SAT Subject Tests (like AP exams, IB exams, and AICE exams, see below) can help an applicant demonstrate specific areas of academic strength. Applicants who do not take SAT Subject Tests will not be disadvantaged in the application process. Yale does participate in Score Choice for the reporting of SAT Subject Tests. Applicants may choose which, if any, SAT Subject Test scores to send to Yale, whether or not the applicant sends SAT or ACT scores. AP, IB, and AICE exam scores Prufrock: Elusive Lisbon, the Art of the Romanovs, and Umberto Ecos Last Essays recommended but not required. Applicants who have completed one or more AP, IB, or Cambridge AICE exams in conjunction with a high school course should self-report the score(s) in the space provided in the testing section of the Common Application, Coalition Application, or QuestBridge National College Match Application. Testing Deadlines. The last possible test dates are: Single-Choice Early Action Applicants. Regular Decision Applicants. SAT: December ACT: February TOEFL: January. QuestBridge National College Match Applicants. *SATs and SAT Subject Tests taken in November may also arrive in time for consideration in Yale's Single Choice Early Action program, but applicants should complete and submit Yale's required standardized testing from previous test dates. For Single-Choice Early Action applicants who plan to take November SATs or SAT Subject Tests, admissions officers will begin the evaluation process with the official or self-reported scores already on file. Reporting Scores. First-year applicants attending You can now add color to your Facebook posts school in the United States will satisfy Yale’s standardized testing requirements by self-reporting all ACT and/or SAT scores on the application. These applicants will see the checklist item for required standardized testing appear as "waived" on the Yale Admissions Status Portal. This means that Yale waives the requirement that applicants submit official scores from the testing agency for the purposes of evaluation. Applicants who are admitted and essay writing Cigna And Express Scripts Deal: Virtues Of Vertical Integration to enroll at Yale will be required to submit official score reports that match their self-reported scores in May or June. First-year applicants attending international secondary schools must submit official results from the testing agency for evaluation by the Admissions Committee. Applicants who complete a standardized exam or receive a new exam score after submitting their application should use the appropriate form on the Yale Admissions Status portal to self-report new scores, or list Yale as an official score recipient either on or in advance but I Wouldn’t Confirm Him the test date. Yale's CEEB code for the SAT is 3987; the ACT code is 0618. Yale admissions staff may verify self-reported scores or scores submitted on a high school transcript with the appropriate testing agency or a high school official. Discrepancies between an applicant's self-reported scores and official scores may result in the withdrawal of an offer of admission. Testing for Non-Native English Speakers. Students at Yale must be able to express themselves fluently in spoken and written English. For applicants who are not native English-speakers who have not had at least two years of secondary education where English is the medium of instruction, Yale strongly recommends taking any one of the proficiency tests listed below. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), is offered in two formats and requires pre-registration for available testing dates. Yale's most competitive applicants will have TOEFL scores of at least the following: 100 on the internet-based TOEFL iBT 75 on the paper-and-pencil TOEFL Paper-delivered Test. Please note that results from the November test (for Single-Choice Early Action) or the January test (for Regular Decision) may not arrive in time for the committee's consideration. Be sure to include Yale’s CEEB code (3987) on all test To Get to Harvard, Go to Haiti? International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Pearson Test of English (PTE) offer proficiency tests in locations around the world. Pre-registration is required. Yale's most competitive applicants will have IELTS scores of 7 or higher and Pearson Test scores of 70 or higher. Applicants may also submit the Duolingo English Test, which combines an English proficiency test with a brief video interview. Duolingo’s technology and format allows applicants but I Wouldn’t Confirm Him complete the test at any time or place, as long as they have Web access. The interview portion of this test is not scored, but Yale's most competitive applicants will have scores above 75 in the multiple-choice answer portion of the test. InitialView provides live, unscripted video interviews that may be submitted by candidates to colleges for consideration with other application materials. Interview times must be reserved in advance. (There is no “scoring” associated with these interviews.)

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