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Computers and society essays In "Africa Goes Online," Daniel Akst and Mike Jensen discuss the potential of the Vive and Windows VR Releases Of The Week 09/23/18 in combating the "information famine" in Africa. In a country where there are little resources to spare for social services, virtual universities could bring learning to millions at a fraction of the cost of traditional schools. Educated residents in these countries would have a larger, global outlet to market their skills and services. The authors cite several case studies as examples of this potential. In Dakar, Senegal, for example, video link-ups allow medical students to study under a group of physicians from Brussels. Secondary students from Namibia are working on a website to showcase the important African entomological collections in the country's National Museum. An organization called SchoolNet Africa is teaching basic technology skills to children around the continent. Poverty and lack of infrastructure are significant problems, but activists are optimistic about their efforts. How my article relates to chapter 3 Much of the networks in Africa rely on technology like e-mail and newsgroups, though a growing number are using video and web technology. These networks allow people to exchange information about their services and their products or simply to keep in tough. A distant village in Uganda that only receives snail mail every few weeks, for example, now has a communal computer station that receives e-mail for every resident. More importantly, these technologies also have the potential to reach children in far-flung schools. By helping to ensure that the next generation of African children is technologically skilled, computers have much potential in bridging the technological gap. My personal thoughts One thing that struck me essay writing The Biggest Rift this article is the similarities and differences The courage of climate hope - Greenpeace International Internet users in Westernized and African countries. On the similarities, the curr.

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