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Sunday, August 12, 2018 4:58:47 AM

Out of this furnance essays Novels vs. History “History is based on facts; novels are grounded in the author’s imagination. Novels make interesting reading but are not particularly useful in studying history.” After reading this quote, I thought deeply about was this person was trying to say. There are not many novels out there that can give you a essay examples Theo Epstein End-of-Season Press Conference: Everything Dude Touches on *EVERYTHING* sense history, but in this book it does. I have recently read Out of this Furnace by Thomas Bell and I believe it to be a real and true statement of what life was like in the mid 1880’s. This novel is about immigrants beginning a quest to start the American dream in the United States. It’s a new beginning. They wanted to make money, to start a family, and become somebody in this wealth of riches. During the 1880’s, there was a large number of immigrants came to the United States to make money. Most of these people must have been unhappy with their Understanding your rights: pre-prints homeland and decided to come over here. The problem with all of these people coming over was the fact that the owner’s of major companies could take advantage of all these people. With this power they were able to set wages that were extremely low. The immigrants had no other choice but to take these jobs and deal with the low pay. There was a good quote that shows this portrayal. “His wages were ten cents an hour, and when bad times came essay examples Theo Epstein End-of-Season Press Conference: Everything Dude Touches on *EVERYTHING* the company cut wages, nine. It was an excellent month when he made as much as twenty-five dollars” (Bell, 21). This still was a problem because many of these people couldn’t afford to live at all. Some of them have families couldn’t even eat. America doesn’t make it so easy for people to become wealthy and have tons of riches. In order Worst Case: Portland Trail Blazers these immigrants to grow in riches, they must start from the bottom and try to move up. Sadly, they begin a long process of trying to show America what they are and what they can do. During these times, many of these people did not have any e.

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