Bringing Back-To-School Night Back To Work: 5 Steps To Make The Most Of Your Relationships

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 11:36:25 PM

Timeline essays Timeline by Michael Crichton is an adventure through the past using scientifically advanced techonology. It started in an organization called the ITC. The scientists working Bringing Back-To-School Night Back To Work: 5 Steps To Make The Most Of Your Relationships were researching on the quantum theory when they found out how to transfer particles from one universe to another. At the same time, archaeologists were exploring parts of France looking for artifacts. A historian by the name of Andre Marek and a graduate from Yale University by the name of Chris Hughes had come along. They excavated the catacombs and ruins of a French district called Castalgard. Professor Edward Johnston suddenly dissapeared after spending a while at the excavation site. He sent a message back that read "HELP ME 4/7/1357". When Marek and his crew discovered the message, they passed out and became speechless. The Professor had conveyed himself into another universe, also another time. Marek and Chris then devised a plan to travel to where the Professor is and rescue. It would require! use of Quantum Computers. Using the complex Quantum Theory, the particle transporing machine would be able to teleport them to their destination. Kate, a historian, and many others had joined Chris and Marek on their mission. Their main objective was to return with the Professor within 37 hours. Using the complex Quantum machine, they transferred particles of their bodies and conveyed them to another universe. The Quantum theory states that there are multi-universes and that each universe is different a way. They arrived in Castelgard, France, where they had been researching on at their present time at archaelogical sites. The year was 1357 and the Hundreds Year War had been raging on. Immediately did they find the Castelgard different then they had researched it. The air was much cleaner and fresher than their present time. They continued for hours searching for clues. In the mean time, they had lost four of their crew from a battle. They had to disguise thems.

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