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Fraternitys essays Hummer, Robert and Patricia Yancey Martin. “Fraternities and Rape on Campus.” Gender and Society December 1989: 457-473. The goal of this research was to “analyze the group and organization practices that create in fraternities an abusive social context for women (Hummer Future Of The Supreme Court And Its Impact On Role of Corporations and Martin examined fraternity dynamics associated with a main focus on rape and sexual coercion of women in fraternities. The researchers work centers on a case study of an alleged gang rape at Florida State University. They claim fraternities are not only the physical context, but also the social and cultural context that encourages the sexual coercion of women. The research implicates that fraternities create an abusive social context for women The gang rape involved four men and one eighteen year old girl. When the victim was discovered her blood alcohol content was .349. She had crude words and symbols on her thighs. The group rape took place on the third floor of a fraternity DTA appoints new chief. Hummer and Martin collected data by speaking with law enforcement Lessons learned as a black Ph.D. student (essay). They also analyzed newspaper articles, conducted open-ended interviews with judges, public attorneys and many people regarding the processing of sexual assault cases. The data that was collected showed that fraternity members are mainly concerned with their masculinity. The researchers portray fraternity members as being dominant, competitive, drinking alcohol and treating women as sexual objects. For some reason not all women seem to care, they even Future Of The Supreme Court And Its Impact On Role of Corporations attract new members to these fraternities. When new members see these women they think that if they are part of this fraternity that they will have sex with them. These women, are called the little sisters, they cant be too confident with themselves to get into positions dealing with fraternities. The strategy that researchers have discovered is the individual strategy; that includes getting a wom.

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