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Thursday, August 23, 2018 5:16:55 PM

Putitans model society essays The Putiian wanted to create a model society based soley on religion. The aspirations which led the Puritans to New England were, tge Puritans wanted to purify the Aglican church also they wanted to set up an utopian society based on how Mental Notes essay thought the Aglican church should be ran: the Puritans did not completley fulfill theier aspirations, While A brief history of Stephen Hawkings most memorable moments England the Puritans believed that the Aglican church was changing in ways they did not like and they wanted to change things, therefore leadinf them to Mental Notes essay the 17th century, the New England Puritans tried to create a model society based on their dis-like for the Anglican church. The Puritans believed that the Aglican Church had become Catholic, they wanted to purify the Anglican CHurch and get rif of the Catholic influence. The Puritans believed that id they came to New England, and create a model society them the Anglican Church would call them back to England to purify the church. They had thier own constituion so the king and Parliment could not intervene of destory the utopian society that they were trying to create. The utopian soceity the Puritans wanted was based on the Aglican Churcb with out the Catholic influences. The utopian society they wanted was based n religion. They wanted a model society based on the Biblw and other believes they belived were religiously right. The Puritans did not exactly fulfill what they wanted top accomplish. They did not accomplish a utopian society based on religion becasue the British interfered and the Aglican church in England never asked them to come back. The utopian society they wanted to create, was not as great as they wished it would have been. Yhe ideas they had about purifing the Anglican Church did not go as planned. They were hoping that the Aglican church would call them back to England, England never did. The aspirations they wanted were not fulfill to the extent they had wanted. .

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