Emerson and the Dream of America

Monday, August 06, 2018 7:42:13 PM

Lonely essays In our journey, we established the journey with another. We walked our own journey, the friendship was one of the most important elements in our life. Friends shared the happiness and the sadness moment with us. We could not live in the world alone. Sometime, when people walked on their road but do not pay attention to the people surrounding them. This song was to reflect RuPauls Drag Race: How Drag Fueled Pop Cultures Slang Engine of the Moment common people in the city. They were icily who did not even noticed the people surrounding them. The persona in the song walks around in RuPauls Drag Race: How Drag Fueled Pop Cultures Slang Engine of the Moment town of love”. The lyrics ironic the idea of “the love city”, but actually the people in the town were coldness. She wanted to find someone “understand how it is feeling like this”. However, there were no one realized what she felt. She was lost and repeated “I’m so lonely” and kept on asking the question to another people. The repetition revealed that there were no one pays her attention. In the chorus, she asked “what would I do without people like you?” she was melancholy due to no one concerned about her. At the last stanza, the persona said “I need a friend”. It was because she was chased by a stranger who felt scared. She wanted to get help from a friend. The name of the song was “Lonely In Paris”. I thought the Paris was represented the big city. The composer tried to portray the awful side of the city and the lonely journey of the persona. I Children’s Book Authors Are Selling More Than Books. They’re Taking a Stand. essay this song. I had experienced the same feeling as the persona. In Australia, although I could speak english, however, I could not communicated with the Australians because I came from the different background. When I walked in the city, I found myself out of the place, and I was not belongs to the city. I did not understand what people were thinking about. Luckily, I met some new friends in school. We walked on our own road. The friendship overcomes the challenges of the journey. .

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