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Othello1 essays eeded in his malicious acts to destroy Othello and Desdemona because even though he gets tortured and plan company revival at the end, he almost got away with his deception. I would not be surprised if Iago died with a or Create Them on his face. This movie goes to show you that we all are capable to be driven to unthinkable acts by our emotions. Humanities 125 Ultimate Villain In the movie, Othello, the Moor of Venice, I found the play very tragic and sad. It is a love story filled with lies, deception and betrayal. This movie deals with a couple in love played by Othello and Desdemona. Both of them from the beginning have to fight and struggle to stay together. Iago, a young Venetian, who pretends to be Othello’s friend happens to be the viper, that ultimately Case Study Reports Othello and Desdemona with his inhuman acts. Iago’s first act of deception was when he used Roderigo, a foolish young Venetian, to get into a fight with Cassio, an honorable lieutenant, Cassio became violent with the other officers, then Cassio stabbed one of the officers. Othello at this point was disappointed with Cassio. So he took Cassio’s rank as a lieutenant and gave it to the next man, Iago. This was Iago’s plan from the beginning, which it helped him to get closer to Othello. Iago’s second act of hatred was when he convinced Othello that Cassio was angry at him because he had embarrassed him. Iago made Othello believe that Cassio was in love.

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