SAXON Singer Says All The Music For His Solo Album Has Been Written

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Product memo essays ECE 180 PRODUCT CREATION IDEA To: Tom MurphyFrom: Trevor HartmanSubject: Interactive GlobeDate: 13 February 2001 This memo’s purpose is to present to you my new idea on the world’s first interactive globe. I wish for you to review my interactive globe idea and authorize it for production as soon as possible. What Does It Do? The interactive globe is the world’s first fully interactive globe; it is voice automated and maintains an updateable database of every known city and country in the world. When the globe is functional, it will stay in constant communication with a server through ordinary phone lines. Through this means all the latest geographical information will be updated and changing international boundaries will be automatically calculated and displayed. How does it work? The computer inside the globe’s sphere uses existing flat screen technology to project a 3D view of the world. It The Fall of the American Empire Review also compatible with existing computer technology. You can traverse the world by voice command, simply plug in a mouse and rotate, or simply spin it like a conventional globe. To make the globe more aesthetic and fun globe-savers will be available to purchase. What Problems Does It Solve? Just think about how easily a world of inquiring minds can keep up on the latest wartime boundaries. Further, this is the ultimate cartographers tool. No longer SAXON Singer Says All The Music For His Solo Album Has Been Written we have to employ thousands of cartographers to calculate and create maps of more accurate precision. Now, all changes can be made to a centralized database, which can update globes around the world. What Application? This product is nearly universal. Both industry and consumer will benefit from its creation. The consumer will no longer have to wait for dull news reports to see the latest wartime boundaries. Industry will be able to keep track of all the latest geographical trends in the commercial world. Each globe allows custom settings for whatever categor.

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