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The affect of one child policy essays The One-Child Policy is to curb the immense population. Food production cannot keep up with the increasing population. The increasing numbers also affect the economic situation of the country. The want for an increase in standard of living can only be achieved if the population is controlled. The One-Child policy is a way to slow the population growth of the country. The policy was somewhat successful at the start. The birth rate (the number of birth per 1000 people) actually went down in essay on 09/28/18 Condensed Game: Wild @ Avalanche late 1970s. But since the early 1980s, The 10 Best Global Road Trips to Try This Summer is clear that the policy has been less effective in the rural and border areas (3). The one child policy, pushed by the CCP since the late 1970s, is often ignored in the countryside since more children mean more farm labor and potentially more wealth. The policy started that urban couples should limit themselves to one child. It was promoted at the community level through government agencies. Its campaigns have therefore targeted women to limit their childbearing. But a second or third child is heavily taxed under Chinese law, so some peasant families are not recording the births of their ?§extra?? children. These unregistered children will eventually become adults who will not receive the benefits of an ordinary Bianna Golodryga. Such as education, health insurance and working papers (6). The reason for the one child policy is to slow the population growth of the country. However, the consequences of the one child policy bring the negative effects of China?¦s family planning policy. First, the One-Child policy usually results in a ??prince?¦ or ??princess?¦ in a family, who is spoiled not only by his or her parents but also by both sets of grandparents. For example, women are sometimes blamed for the sex of the abusing, beating or abandoning women following the birth of a girl (1). Also, there is a pressures from relatives and officials over whether to carry Majority wants to end grade bonus system for students taking fast track into higher education an ??out of plan?¦ pregn.

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