The Evils of Cultural Appropriation

Friday, August 10, 2018 8:36:56 AM

What does elaine learn from the male ‘teachers’? essays ormentor; Cordelia. The marble The Evils of Cultural Appropriation a reflection of Elaine’s growing mind, as she walked away from Cordelia after the near fatal ac! cident in the ravine. Her mind altered, as “There’s something hard in me, crystalline, a kernel of glass. I cross the street and continue along, eating my licorice.” This is critical as Elaine finally is able to block the influence of Cordelia) The painting epitomises the attitude towards art and women with the two men with whom Elaine had relationships with in college, so the model is presumably herself with the cats eye marble head. We only truly begin to learn about the influence of Getting started with iPad note-taking app INKredible men on her life, when Elaine meets with Jon at the Quasi restaurant, because she has a cathartic glance at the past (id est she relives certain moments in time). The title of this restaurant is pejorative because Jon and his companions were drawn to the company of Elaine, because she enjoyed a Quasi male status, in so far as she in return enjoyed their company, and could empathise with the male point of view. Their meeting is a departure point in the novel as Atwood goes on to describe the relationships Elaine had with Josef and Jon. As Elaine goes to university to study art and archaeology (at Toronto College of Art) she had to present her portfolio to the teacher Josef Hrbik, a passionate Hungarian who believes in tactile values and emotion in art. Elaine is confronted by Josef with the belief:- You are an unfinished voman. But here you will be finished. Atwood links the sexes, their characteristics and behavioural patterns with the colours blue and pink, blue being synonymous w.

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