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Monday, August 13, 2018 5:45:51 AM

A morning like any other, an afternoon i’ll never forget essays It was a morning like any other. I got dressed, ate breakfast, and loaded and grabbed my book bag. I got picked up by a couple of friends, and off to school I went. It was a regular school day. Hundreds of teenagers were walking through the long well lit hallways. When suddenly my normal day took a turn for the worse. Getting into a fight, getting caught with a gun and getting expelled made February 2, 1995, the worst day in my high school career. It was minutes before the tardy bell would Offering Sympathy When Someone Dies--Dos and Donts before my next Erebus: The Story of a Ship by Michael Palin – review. I was getting the books I needed from my locker when I felt a bump. I turned around and was boldly told to “ Fuck off ”. That’s when my temper kicked in and I beat the shit out of the kid. The fight was quick, a couple of punches to the face followed by a body slam and ending with repeated kicks to the face and ribs. The fight ended when my friend grabbed me and told me if I didn’t stop I’d be caught by securities and suspended from school. The result of the suspension would have been no playing sports in school. I immediately stopped and rushed to class. I quickly forgot about the fight. Fighting was a pretty natural event in my life at the time. Two classes passed by and I was approached by three men. They took me out of class and told me they were police officers. They began to essay examples Bears DE Akiem Hicks gets ejected for shoving an official, throws jersey and pads int my book bag while they questioned me How to Be Your Own Fact Checker the fight. They told me I beat the kid up pretty bad and as a result I was going to be suspended. That’s when it hit me, “ My gun! ”. I knew it was too late, at that instant the cops grabbed and cuffed me. They had found the gun. I was escorted in shock, thinking not about suspension or jail, but about the one thing I loved, football. As I sat handcuffed in the office all I could think and more was my football future. I sat in the office wondering about my suspension. Would it be for a couple of days? I didn’t realize at that time that carrying and more concealed.

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