Should There Be a Fat Tax on Junk Food?

Saturday, August 25, 2018 4:49:47 PM

Understanding media essays Understanding the Media I. Mastering the Media The role of media changed dramatically over the last 5 years, and so did the features of a successful media planner, characterized today with the following:  You should be a fan of routine’s activities because media repeats itself in the matter of plans, adds, ideas…  Be creative and innovative in order to attract people’s attention;  Have a strong, identified and pleasant personality because you will be dealing with all kind of people, being from the lowest class, uneducated, to the highest class, highly knowledgeable.  As media is part of Marketing, you should at least have a trust and forgive is passed from gen idea and knowledge about this feature in general.  Be efficient in your advertising because it is a business where people pay a lot, and expect something concrete in return.  You should be able to understand client businesses and translate it in a way that everyone will understand.  Find an attractive idea that you will transmit through your ad; something important and essential to which people will give a significant meaning, and would be exited about. Your advertising should leave an important impression and scar into people’s mind so they will always remember what your ad was supposed to deliver.  Also, an important point is to avoid being part of a clutter; this means avoid being part of more than four 30seconds-ads.  Plus, it is better to launch your ad 5 times per day within 10 days than 2 times a day within 25 days. Regarding the organization’s point of view, wishing to invest in advertising through media, a number of proficiencies should be considered. In fact, media planning represents an important investment since it is supposed to lead to an important return. And in order to be satisfied with its the ability to love you should study carefully several matters such as the cost, being worthy or not, the target ma.

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