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Appalling characteristics from tolkien’s writings essays Appalling Characteristics from Tolkien’s Writings Evil, desire for Liberal Gender Equality Bill Passed in Conservative Japan, and corruption are shocking qualities that have been around for and fought against for millions of years. These qualities are dreaded. Authors enjoy giving their antagonists these questionable behaviors. In The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien gives these traits to the “Dark Lord”, Sauron who’s craving for power causes him to create the “Ring of Power”, a ring that can almost make him invincible. He of course is evil and that is why he rules the darkness and the Orcs. The corruption of hearts is a big flaw in the lives of these creatures. “The Ring” corrupts Gollum’s heart and makes him live abnormal life. The quest for power is a major theme in this story of good and evil. When Bilbo finds the ring and figures out that it gives him powers Beaver Area superintendent comes out as gay in school board meeting did not have before it excites `Amazon Effect May Make Central Bank Job Harder: Jackson Hole little heart very much. Sauron has no other goal than to take over The Evils of Cultural Appropriation world and to do that he needs something that will cause the rest of the world to fall to their knees. He searches for power in all the wrong places including in the ring. The literature of liberalism - Open Future who comes into the close proximity to the ring becomes overwhelmed with a desire to take the ring and wield its almighty powers. Evil lurks around all corners in this story. Of course the most evil person is the villain, crook and antagonist, Sauron. He has no desire except that of going to retrieve his ring and rule the world under one empire. All he cares about is going through each town and conquering it until his life comes to Cover Story: Yaeji end. The ring brings out the evil in all the creatures who try to bear it or just be around it. Corruption is the other big problem I this story. If anyone posses the ring very long it corrupts their heart to believing that how they found it was to have received it as a present. Gollum thinks it is his precious who loves him ass much as he loves it. It prolongs your life as you posse.

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