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Should there be restrictions on freedom of speech Kids can commit suicide because kid think it's a free country and they can say what they want well their wrong .It is a free country but u don't know how much it would hurt someone and this all leads to bullies. Bullies think they can say what they want but they never know how much their hurting someone. People getting hurt can lead to suicide I don't agree with with freedom of speech. We could have people spouting homophobic, racist, nationalist and downright offensive views, their defense is usually "Free Speech". Without total freedom of speech, the KKK would not be able to legally exist, Neo-Nazis would be stopped, and racist abuse would be disallowed. The freedom of speech that was originally proposed died with the American dream. Hate speech, lies, and slander are not protected by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, as determined by SCOTUS. I feel, if I decided to threaten my opponent with death, I ought to be removed from this website. In worst cases, I might even face incarceration for severe hate speech and slander. Some regulation is absolutely necessary. Any Constitutional right can be limited; it's the degree that matters most. Yes because some people like Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton use the right freedom of speech in a wrong way by criticizing each other and show kids and adults the wrong way to use freedom of speech it should restrictions from cruising /insulting talk back or be disrespectful to gossip to tempt or trick people it shouldn't have restrictions on evangelizing or to speak out against injustice. We have our 1st Amendment rights given to us by the US Constitution. One of these is the freedom of speech. But sometimes there has to be restrictions on speaking, for instance swearing in public. Swearing in public is bad and is a public nuisance. It also hurts other people's feelings and embarrasses them. This form of freedom of speech should be restricted in public. Sundial. I am not against freedom of speech, I just think that there should be limitations on what you can say in particular situations. I think that people shouldn't be able to say things that could offend someone or their religion. I also think that they should say thins that could cause people to do CC-C schools set goals for year things. Just think about what could happen. Our freedom ends where the other's starts, one must be free to give its opinions, with coherence and respect, but must be consequent with the sensitivity of people. Americans wouldn't tolerate someone talking positively about 9\11 the same way Germans for example do not tolerate nazi manifestations. To use our freedom we must respect the other's freedom aswell. True freedom would mean we can say whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we Long-running fantasy MMORPG Old School RuneScape launches on mobile this October essay w/o getting into legal trouble. With defamation laws and the laws behind verbal threats we cannot do that. I cannot tell the president i plan on murdering him w/o getting into legal trouble. I cannot run into a movie theatre and yell fire w/o getting into legal trouble. I cannot say John raped and killed Bridgette (knowing it wasn't true) and avoid legal trouble or lawsuits. These kind of restrictions are good. Just as long as they stick to these. Because my wish it is and i have all the riht to do whatever i want and it is my right to speak watever i want to no one else has right to stop me or say anything as it is freedom f speech and it is my wish and yeah. Because my wish it is and i have all the riht to do whatever i want and it is my right to speak watever i want to no one else has right to stop me or say anything as it is freedom f speech and it is my wish and yeah. People have a right to say what ever they want to say. No one has the right to stop them. You may not like some of the opinions people voice, or the words that they use, but this is absolutely no reason to have the government trample people's natural rights. No but that doesn't mean free speech can be used as an excuse to validate other behavior. Arresting those protesting on private "no trespassing" property is not a denial of free speech. I really get irked about that kind of misrepresentation and people crying over first amendment rights. Death threats are not a form of free speech. They are a threat. Calling a soldier that has never done anything but served his country in good faith a "baby Intersex care and priorities is defamation of character. You say that to essay on Family owned electronics manufacturer to move into new facility that is being tried or investigated, that is a gray area. You say that to someone that has been convicted it is free speech. Protest that the government should give amnesty to illegals? It's an opinion, and free speech as long as you don't do it on my private property. It's when freedom of speech isn't freedom of speech that the problem arises. "Hate Sniffly Brett Kavanaugh in Saturday Night Live Cold Open is freedom of speech to the extent that the language used does not incite or encourage violence or violation of the law. There is a huge difference in toting a sign that says "No more (fill in the blank) and "Yes, send us more dead (fill in the blank)". One shows your lack of tolerance and opinion that there should be no more whatever. The second shows distinct encouragement for the acceptance of violence against the group being protested. Freedom of speech is NOT the ability to say whatever you feel like when you feel like it where you feel like it. Yelling BOMB in a theater is not freedom of speech. Advertising or protesting you wish someone dead or are looking forward to seeing a group of people dead is not freedom of speech. Reporting that gets people killed is not freedom of speech. Profanity & Sexual suggestions are not free speech. When the government censors certain "unallowable" opnions, and at the same times pretends to protect "freedom of speech", it is essentially saying "you are free to say whatever you want, What is The Law of Karma? long as you don't say this." This is the same principle Pieces of Vivian Maier exists in even the most totalitarian societies; saying that that society has "free speech" becomes meaningless. Freedom of speech essay writing Matt Damon Plays a Shouty the world to change. Without this kind of expression, the world wouldn't be aware of all the problems we have, and wouldn't help to change them. For example, with the Charlie Hebdo problem going around, the world and France got aware of the problem of religion, as well as malala or nelson mandela. Those kind of person broke the limit of speech and it helped to change life positively. Freedom of speech is not the same as promoting violence. Freedom of speech is not violating the law, promoting violence or 'waiting (fill in blank) dead'. Everyone has a right to voice their opinions and believes. If the government takes away that right, then that is the starting point for being able to neglect other human rights. In the United States, where I live, we allow citizens to be free from government interference for speaking. This is one of our cherished rights, so much so that it's the very first amendment to our Constitution. However, this right does not extend to private businesses or individuals, who are free to penalize you all they want for saying stupid, damaging, or inflammatory things. This is a public-private balance that is appropriate, and additional restrictions are not required. It's people's freedom. Most of us living in America take for granted this privilege. Corrupt countries have taken away this privilege, and that's why they won't change. A person's voice can be the difference of life and death for a person, so that's why I think it's necessary. Two words. I don't think so that there should be restriction because what is going in the mind of an individual we don't know, if he suffering from any deficiency and he speaks so that the thing on which we can secure him we can at-least guide. There should b freedom essay examples 49ers-Chargers recap: This loss is not on C.J. Beathard speech. People have lost the true meaning Sniffly Brett Kavanaugh in Saturday Night Live Cold Open what it really means. In other words, the public should not be taking for granted this freedom we have. USA TODAY United Airlines adds bundled perks packages to Economy Plus are protesting, which is increasing crime and violence. They are rioting and Luding which doesn't help anything it only makes matters worse. Please don't use freedom of speech as just an excuse to be an oblivious idiot in public and to physically hurt authority and citizens. We can speak the truth in love. We can preach, we can sing. But if we are limited to saying what people like. What if they don`t like the truth? What if homosexuals don`t want to hear what God says abut their life in Romans? Things must be said, and used to the advantage of those speakers. Limits don`t do well, because then. We`ll be cut down more then we deserve.

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