Scientists Are Trying to Create the Most Detailed 3D Map of the Human Body Ever essay

Saturday, August 25, 2018 9:46:54 AM

Bad as they wanna be essays “ Bad As They Wanna Be” Money is the ruining the basic aspect of college athletic sports. This is the argument that Thad Williamson proposes in his article, “Bad As They Wanna Be.” Growing up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Williamson fell in love with his hometown sports. He observed how college athletics transformed from being solely based on sports to primarily based on money. In his article, Williamson gives examples of how college sports have turned into a money making industry for the corporate world. Williamson begins his article by trying to build his credibility. He explains the impact that the University of North Carolina had on his life. He discusses his experience as a scorekeeper, operating a manual scoreboard when Michael Jordan played for the team. He also speaks of his admiration for Tar Heel’s former coach, Dean Smith. He informs the reader that he is a writer of a magazine that is solely based on the University of Growth Trends and Competitive Analysis 2018-20 Sports. Williamson proves to his audience that he is an expert on this topic, showing his authority to write on the subject. He also informs the reader that he has been a devoted fan his entire life, and therefore knew the college game of the past. This shows that Williamson has observed the changes in the college athletic system over time. Williamson uses many appeals in his article. When proving his credibility, he also expressed Global Diamond Wedding Ring Industry Research Report emotional appeal. He talks about himself as a little kid and how it affected him. He speaks of the emotion that he feels when the Tar Heels are successful in the game and when they fail. He also states that, “only death will cure my love affair with North Global Diamond Wedding Ring Industry Research Report basketball.” This evokes sympathy from the audience. It also gives the audience a chance to think about something that they admire that much. Williamson mentions the trademarks that are being placed in college arenas, billion dollar deals with broadcast companies, million.

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