What Can Algorithms Tell You About Your Writing?

Monday, August 13, 2018 8:06:10 AM

Wild mustangs essays Amaral 15) Are the wild mustangs that have been fantasized about for so many generations really just "stray" or feral horses? Well, as I was a little disappointed to discover, yes they are, but they have a very interesting history. The modern horse that is found in America was introduced by way of Europe, not only by the Spanish but also by the settlers along the Atlantic seaboard. Horses were among the first animals brought by these people to America. The Spanish brought horses to America as early as 1514, when the Spanish first arrived in Mexico. Over time the horses spread northward into the American West. Other horses also migrated west from the eastern seaboard. These are the same horses that were acquired by the Indians through both trade and theft. This history makes the horses know in the west not a wild mustang but feral horse, a horse that What Can Algorithms Tell You About Your Writing? had been domesticated, or its descendant. These horses may have developed some markings and senses that characterized its ancestors living in the wild, but it was still the modern equus. (Wyman) The introduction of the horse to America by the Europeans was not the first time horses had roamed the Americas. The true wild horse is a remote ancestor of the domesticated and feral horse of our era, and was indigenous to the American continent. In those years so long ago, when semitropical woodlands and lush vegetation provided a hospitable environment, and after the dinosaurs had been gone, the first horse was about the size of a fox. Its forefoot Stay on task with a planner this semester four toes and the back had three. Scientists have found thousands of crushed skulls and skeleton fragments of this tiny animal, called Eohippus. (Haines 5) Another distinct type of the early horse was a three-toed creature the size of a sheep. These animals developed and adapted over time. The last believed stage in this development of the horse shows the size of the skeleton to A Board Members Guide to Corporate Political Spending from the smallest Shetland pony to a lar.

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