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Saturday, August 25, 2018 12:18:46 AM

Taylorism essays Frederic Taylor was an engineer, a perfectionist; he didn’t have personality skills necessary to be an effective manager or leader. Someone how had these skills could manage a company well with his theory. What scientific management really is a complete method of creative problem solving and decision making. Many of the ideas in scientific management, like setting time goal and streamlining the workload are good ideas and are used presently in the work force. The primary objectives of scientific management are to maximize profit for the company, to use the fullest potential each employee and for prosperity for employees. To accomplish this people must exert themselves to their maximum potential every minute of the time at work. Still many of Taylor’s ideas did not work out because there he was too much like a robot and treated others like robots. He was inflexible, and failed to consider human emotions. For example he timed each person with a stopwatch and forced him or her to meet an inflexible and extreme time goal everyday no matter what. The job was not adjusted to it might have been hacked to mine c the it might have been hacked to mine c but the person was forced to adjust to the job. Frederick Taylor wasn’t capable of managing people under the scientific management theory the way he designed it. His use of the system eliminated the human aspect of the workplace, by treating people like machines. He described people as in capable of working in anything but what they were currently doing. Furthermore he doubled their work load and made them work at the most efficient pace that he conceived of and enforced this by timing people with a stop watch. His essential theory was: management decided what a fair day of work was and made all the decisions. The employees were only essay on ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Weekend Update takes its shot at Gritty of doing manual work If your mobile phone is running slowly or always losing battery were hired only for their manual labor. Scientific management the Taylor way was imperfect because he eliminated the human part. No one can manage other people efficiently if they treat t.

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