Heres why Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg didnt want to include X-Men in the title essay

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Marijunan essays Ashley Sain May 2, 2001 English 112 Marijuana should be legal Marijuana should be legalized because it is illegal. People like to do to wrong things that they know they can get in trouble for. It is just the way humans think. Tax reform could mean changes in global employee mobility people are told not to do something, then they are automatically do it anyways. Marijuana can help cancer patients by easing their pain. In some states it is already legal for a doctor to prescribe it. It seems to work, by keeping the patients mind off of the suffering. All states should legalize it. Also if the government legalized it they could regulate how much is sold, produced, and how much THC if left in it. THC is what makes you high. They would have control of everything. However, if people still did smoke it there would not be a black market for it. Therefore, the government could regulate it and tax it. If the government got many for every joint or beg of weed that was sold, they could pay off the national debt! If marijuana were legal a lot of kids would be less likely to smoke it. Most of the people in America essay on Kourtney Kardashian Goes Shopping with 20-Year-Old New Love Interest Luka Sabbat smoke it do it just because they are not suppose to. People get a rush out of being high because their parents don’t know. If they can go get it whenever they want it, they will not want it anymore. In conclusion, marijuana should be legalized because the government could regulate it. Also, many people would not smoke it, because they could whenever they wanted to. That takes most of the fun out of it. Another reason is because it helps cancer patients ease their pain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** .

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